What we do

What we do, and how we do it

Concept and Mission Statement

Union City Music and Dance Academy is more than just a center for the arts; it is a setting in which students are able to grow both as artists and individuals without limitations. UCMD’s mission is to ignite and nurture the passion of our students for music, art, and dance and to support the creative thinking of tomorrow’s leaders. UCMD believes that art serves as the foundation that enables students to develop into open-minded individuals who continue on to make smart life decisions.

For 22 years, Union City Music and Dance Academy has enriched and supported the education of many students who have continued on to not only be professionals in their field, but also remarkable people .By investing in our youths’ arts education we are investing in their future.

To read more on the benefits of music, dance, and art in the growth and development of your children please follow this link.

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Our Awesome Team!

Katrina Pardo
Ballet/Tap/Acro Teacher
Union City Music and Dance Miguel
Miguel Morales
Guitar Teacher
Union City Music and Dance Ginel
Ginel Salvador
Piano and Vocal teacher
Union City Music and Dance Maday
Maday Martinez