Music Benefits

Union City Music and Dance Benefits of Music

Music Benefits

The Incredible Benefits of Learning Music!

In our face-paced world, where technology sucks us in more and more every day, the importance of learning a disciple such as music, is struggling to keep up.

Music has proven to have extraordinary positive long and short term benefits.  While you are learning how to play like to the great classical composers, or singing along to an up and coming artists’ new hit single. You are doing much more than just learning music. You are building the foundation for a successful life.

It has been scientifically proven that learning music makes you better at math, among other academic subjects. Music develops mental agility that will make you more receptive to other extracurricular activities such as basketball, dancing, painting, or even playing chess!

It’s been proven that children that partake in music education are 3 times more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree.

This info graph by the University of Florida, clearly explains how music education can benefit us, our bodies, minds, souls, and ultimately, our future!