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Our piano curriculum is backed by well-known and respected organizations: The American College of Musicians, and The National Guild of Piano Teachers.  Our students not only learn proper technique, history of music, and harmony, but they qualify to be examined each year by the Guild and receive official diplomas and certifications.  This recognition aids students in their applications to specialized schools, colleges, and even certify them as piano teachers.

This course will provide each student with individualized attention and will cover everything from proper finger placement on the keys, to performance, and appropriate interpretation of the great classical composers.  They will learn how to recognize music from different styles and eras, by ear training.

The annual exams will be designed based on each student’s level.  This piano course will be supported by a theory class that compliments the practice of piano playing.  Due to the level of prestige and rigor of the Piano Guild, our students will learn to read music, and translate it via their performance.  The exams at their highest level will test the student’s ability to sight read.

Piano teachers at UCMD are qualified to take their students to the Guild exams, and will work to prepare them for high honor achievements.  In the 22 years of our Academy, we have graduated over 30 students from the complete Guild program (7 years), and over 150 students for Guild Certificates.